Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decorating! Twitter style...

Twitter employees got a funky new office in San Francisco this week. Adorably, the entire decor is 'twitter style'! The office is complete with funky lounge areas, a DJ booth and conference rooms and working areas surrounded by birds wall graffiti!
Very tweet, I must say!
Here are some pictures that were shared by some employees.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stylish Diyas,Incense Holders and More for Diwali

Hi All,

Our festive spirits are up and hope yours is too! Check out the stylish diyas, incense holders and more on http://stylkist.com

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seven Feet Splendour at a 5-star Spa

We had a super interesting project we worked on recently. A 5-star spa in Chennai inspired and styled in the Bodhi theme. They loved the Stylkist look and we jointly got talking on how we could create interesting looks and products for them. From cushions and candle-stands for the treatment rooms to tea-light holders and vases for the common areas, the spa accessorizing began!
The central space of the spa had a large empty wall and the spa team was keen to have a metal sculpture in place for this. The Stylkist creative team came up with an idea to extend the concept of the Bodhi (peepul) tree and create a large 7 ft sculpture of this. The tree would be wall mounted and fitted with several glass votives to light up with t-lights. Here are some pictures showing the entire process of making this mamoth piece :-)

We started with the leaves

Then came a miniature concept of what we wanted to create - Bonsai Sculpture

The t-lights add to the beauty of the piece

Several issues came up with the larger size through!
Should the foliage be rounded? Symmetry vs assymetry?
Twice the tree had to be re-welded as the branches wouldnt stay up!
Finally we had success!!
A coat of paint and then packaging into a mamoth box...off we go.
Bluedart sure made a ton of money off this one!

The sclupture is now home in the center of the spa and we will update pictures of the spa soon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A chic apartment in Mumbai

It takes a lot to be bold with your own home, especially with colours that you choose. I have seen gorgeous homes that tread carefully on beige, white, pastels, and homes that have gone a tad bolder and painted perhaps, one wall of their living room, a red or orange. And that's as far that one usually goes. But a quirky green ceiling in your dining room, a spectacular shade of aqua in your bedroom, a brick feel in your study -how many do that?

Mathanki did and she goes far beyond set norms. The young art director's recently done up swanky new home, is a riot of colours. Set in Mumbai, her home is exuberant, cosy and chic. Look for yourselves, the magic she has woven, and read in her own words all that inspired her to put together this delightfully atypical home.

Stylkist: Your biggest influences while designing the house

Mathanki: I guess it would have to be a New York loft or apartment. Reason being apartments in New York- like Mumbai are quite tiny, yet some of them are so chic and tastefully designed. They also use a lot of brick in the their decor, and we wanted to bring in a bit of that. We picked up a couple of 'Design for small spaces' books from Crosswords, which was a good starting point. We also got a lot of ideas from this show called 'Top Design', and flickr.com and apartmenttherapy.com It's amazing the amount of design ideas available for free on a click.

Stylkist: Which room did u enjoy doing the most?

Mathanki: The study. Initially I was really nervous about the brick wall, if it would go with the rest of the house, but then it gave the room a rich warm feel that totally grew on us. The blinds for the window, we made out of a Portico bed sheet. Bedsheets always have a lot of colors and patterns somehow that's always missing in the 'curtain material' section in stores. The bar counter on the other side was made of tiles salvaged from the kitchen and bathroom, and that wall is actually white pin stripe texture wall-paper painted black. Although it seems like random things put together, everything blended in just right. So we definitely enjoyed doing up the study the most.

Stylkist: The use of colours- is there a story here? we see so much aqua!
Mathanki: I love colors. And Bombay is not the best city if you want to maintain white walls. Although we didn't go overboard coloring every wall, we did want bring in a bit of color in every room. For the living room, we went for a rich dark chocolate texture 'art' wall, which would provide a good contrast to all the framed artworks and prints we plan to put up. The brick wall brought in enough color to the study. As for the aqua- there is no story, except it's my most favorite color! I find my bedroom wall most calming- reminds me of the oceans, reminds me of nature. Aqua unlike most colors is neither to bright and jarring to the eye, nor is it too dark and depressing.

Stylkist: A little about accessorizing your house- I love the study and the wall prints. Give us some insight into making the cosiest room of your home.

Mathanki: We put a lot of thought and time into the accessories. We had a budget, and so I surfed through the net and made a note of the few 'must visit' shops in Bangalore and Mumbai. We picked up a lot of stuff from Good Earth, Loose Ends, The Bombay Store and HomeStop. As for the prints- I have been collecting vintage prints of various sizes from all my travels, so finally I have walls to put them up on. What's making the rooms look cozy- I would think it's the size! Tiny and cute, with comfy couches and futons and lots of fluffy cushions!

Hope you loved this original, cool home! Oh, also, do check Mathanki's blog- By Two Kaapi n a Bit of Art, some cool stuff there too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Summer Post

In between sips of coconut water and applying sunscreen, I think of moving base to the Himalayas. But I am reminded, how much fun summer is when you dive into the cool blue pool, when you stock lemonade and ginger ale, when you take long evening walks by the sea, and when you revamp your wardrobe with summery prints and whites. Summer is fun, after all!

So, while you are at it, we bring to you interesting summer ideas, some from Adil Writer and some from us at Stylkist.

Adil Writer’s Dream Series

Stylkist’s newest addition to the store are a delight to the soul. It makes for some very Zen like atmosphere to your space. The new summer collection is a mix of ceramics, Faux leather accessories and living room pieces. Have a look, we are pretty sure, you'll love them!

Rock The Boat Tea Light Holders

Zen Square Vase

Purity Center Piece and Vase

Zara Storage Box

Faux Leather Side Board

Iridicent Lamp Cum Aroma Burner Cum Vase

Like them? Go on, shop online with us, don't bother stepping out in the sweltering heat!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Art for the Soul

Recently, I came across an artist - Sonatina Mendes, whose work seems mature and calm beyond her years. She is relatively new to the art scene but her paintings are amazing.. Something about the washed look of her collection I saw at the Hacienda gallery in Mumbai was spectacular and soothing at the same time. It is total fodder for the soul. Here are a few pictures I found online on different art sites:



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stylkist brand spreads its wings!

To our dearest friends and supporters, we wanted to share the much awaited news of new retail partners for the Stylkist brand of decor in the south.

Stylkist decor can now be found at "The Design Store' in Bangalore and Coimbatore.



Do check it out and tell us what you think!


The Design Store
982 1st floor
80ft peripheral road
bangalore 560 034

T: 91 80 25522205/25502470


The Design Store
47/ 30, bharati park
2nd cross
saibaba colony
coimbatore 641 011

T: 91 422 4384702/4384802

Some other retail outlets where you can find select Stylkist Products:

Dcube, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Vanilla, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Monday, March 9, 2009

Neemrana Calling

You've been toiling way too hard at work. You can't bear looking at the cook's food on the table at dinner and the last thing you want to do is look at the unkept bed and your living room which as usual, is in a complete mess. You need a holiday. A holiday where you can pretend to be a queen. Here, look at these pictures and decide if Neemrana Fort Palace is the place for you.

Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar. A 15th century fort restored by the acclaimed interior designer, architect and restorer, Aman Nath.

(Source: neemranapalacehotels.com)

In an interview I read of Aman Nath in The Hindu, he talks about Neemrana Fort palace architecture, where he says the 15th century rooms were treated in a more Indo-Islamic way and the 19th century rooms more colonial in design.

These pictures come from a budding photographer and travel enthusiast, Arijit Sen.

The Baradari. You could perhaps take your handmade paper notebook and a pen, write
stories of love and betrayal over here in the evening? :-)

I love the way its restored. Colours and contemporary elements added, without disturbing the old world charm, like the stone pillar..



Source: www.asienguiden.se

Source: www.asienguiden.se

Plan that trip, pack your camera, and take along a book to read on one of their private terraces and get lost.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green is in

We’ve all done our bit in furthering the ‘green’ cause. We’ve carried bags from home to the supermarket, chucked that plastic bottle in a bin, bought recycled paper, planted a sapling in the neighborhood park. We love all things green and certainly don’t mind that little Bonsai sitting on the ledge of our study window. And trust me, a few more of those indoor plants and your home will be the perfect place to breathe the freshest air. Besides, have you realized how much life and colour it adds to your interiors? See for yourself.

Here are a few stills from Mathanki’s house. This art director from Bangalore certainly has a high green quotient. Check out the plants kept in cozy corners and window sills to delight your soul.

Plant them in bottles, floor pots or dangling ones, they all look as beautiful as this. Money plants are also perhaps, the easiest to maintain too.

A bamboo plant for that oriental touch, or just for luck and harmony. Don’t miss the green wine bottles on the sill.

I have always loved a palm indoors. It gives the room so much character and personality!

These pictures come from a plant lover. Given a choice she’d live in a garden.

A plant for company, while you sip your tea and read

A yellow Chilly plant in a beautiful yellow planter to brighten the sink area.

I told you, a money plant is never one too many for a home.

A touch of green for the washroom.

Feeling fresh already? Bring that little plant in. Plants never go out of style. And while you are planing on bringing the green in this summer, do check out the Bodhi planter cum candle stand from the Stylkist store.