Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5 things we would love to see more of in 2008


1. More contemporary decor shopping options:

Whatever your style may be, if you like contemporary decor, there are very few large chain retailers to cater to your taste today. It would be lovely to have more options to shop like GoodEarth (a new one opened in Juhu in Mumbai), Pallate (Mahalaxmi, Mumbai) , Turquois (Bandra, Mumbai), all the lovely decor stores dotting the Mehrouli Gurgaon road.

goodearthjuhu goodearth moon_river

Source: GoodEarth & MoonRiver

2. More Decorative Wall options:

Dressing up walls is the interiors new style mantra. Textured paints, graffiti, murals, mosaics, your creativity need know no bounds.

AsianPaintsSource: Asian Paints dulux Source: ICIDulux

wallprose Source: Blik

3. More Yachts to add luxury to our weekends:

Privada's  luxury yacht timeshares in Mumbai has everyone talking. Gorgeous Italian yachts; exotic meals on board and major bragging rights:-)

privada privada2

4. More Terrace Gardens: 

This is one concept that is a huge hit in both the open expanse cities in India as well as the crammed matchbox type 'flats are luxury' cities in India. Terraces are just as cool, soothing and freeing either place. Remember the lovely terrace space in 'Cheeni Kum' or the lovely balcony area in Abhishek Bacchan's character's house in 'Bluffmaster'? You might have also loved the terrace garden in the San Francisco apartment that Reese Witherspoon lives in the movie 'Just Like Heaven'. Simply amazing!

See some of our favourite terrace gardens from around the world:




terrace garden 2

5. More Travel & Living Shows on Beautiful Homes

Come late morning on a Sunday, we just want to sink into the couch and take in the visual feast of beautiful homes, interiors and vacation homes around the world. But somehow, we are seeing less and less of the beautiful homes and far more of cooking and beauty...We want the homes and decor back!!