Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soaking in Dewigarh

A recent suprise birthday gift put me on a plane to Udaipur and sent me for a weekend with my better half to Devigarh. Inspite of seeing the castle and being struck by its beauty in the movie.Eklavya, I was short of breadth, when I saw it in person. It was so beautiful. It was so much to take in. Many many thoughts rushed to my head as I caught the first glimpse. I tried hard to remember all of them as we walked along. The castle looked like an elegant piece of jewelry - not the garish or the rich colourful kind but rather the quiet, elegant kind. Stunningly intricate and yet so contemporary.

There were arches and there were great views.......

As we entered the room, or the palace suite rather, my eyes were wide open, my jaw dropped and I let out a gasp. The beauty of the traditional meeting the contemporary was like I had never experienced before. There were traditional crafts and artefacts made of local resources placed in contemporary settings. There was the use of stunning red against the stark white walls and upholstery created a dramatic set up.

The only other thing I will add is that I never left the resort for most part of my trip. I tirelessly walked around to every nook and cranny to find surprising little coves of design that existed like these -

Finally, I sign off with cheers (from the devigarh bar) to the Poddars who created this dream as well as the interior designer Rajiv Saini