Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun Online Lifestyle Store >> Quirko

Been a while since I saw a store as fun and full of quirk as 'Quirko' ! I love the name too! Quirko is an online lifestyle store that stocks knick-knacks, accessories for your table, couch, bar, fridge, desk and wall - all absolutely cool things to turn your home into a fun zone.  I saw some Happily Unmarried stuff stocked there too!
I loved some of their cushions, especially the first one I've put up here called ' Butterfly tie up cushion' -

And these were some of my favourite picks. I want those digital art prints for my study.

This piece of beauty is by Mukul Goyal Called the ' People Tree'  - haha! I loved it :)

You now know where to buy fun gifts from and how to add a dash of quirk to your home. As for me, I'm going to wait till they start shipping internationally.  Oh, and click here to go to their Facebook page, and 'Like' them, if you like :).

See ya soon!