Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cos Kids need chic decor too!

A friend has been thinking about starting her own kids decor and accessories outfit. Admittedly it is a bit hard to find great kids accessories and furniture that combine good design and good quality while making it appealing to kids. Sure, there is Mothercare but for a country with such a vibrant and growing population (and hence many many kids ;-)), sure we should have more choice. In that vein, a bit of searching led me to this cute online store called 'Kids at Home'


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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of Cherry Blossoms

The Taj Mansingh Hotel in Delhi had a Japanese food festival going on. They left a lovely little card about the festival in the guest rooms. I could not be bothered about the Fancy chef so and so who had come to the Taj for this festival etc but instead I fell in love with the imagery on the card about the festival. So i quickly scanned it to put it down here -

cherry blossoms

Image courtesy: Taj Mansingh Hotel

Thinking of the cherry blossoms, I remembered this painting I once saw on by an artist called Shabnam Mehra called 'Blossom'. I wondered if the artist got a chance to capture this in Japan. Had she made a trip over in perfect timing in April when the weather was crisp and yet with some sunshine in Tokyo. Did she head to the area where you could see the blossoms? If so, I am so terribly jealous!



And check out this wedding center piece inspired by cherry blossoms. I'snt it gorgeous??

cherry_wedding_center peice