Sunday, January 25, 2009

Such a dream!

Flipping through the Inside Outside Magazine this month, I came across this feature on artist Krishnamachari Bose's house. I do follow the contemporary art scene from time to time and do love Bose's work but I will confess that at times I have found his work to be a bit too outlandish or crazy - fun and intriguing none the less.

So, when I saw the pictures of his lovely lovely home, I was so impressed. It had such a lovely balance between wild and confortable and even quietly elegant! From the art, photography and interesting accents, to the wall clock and the vases, they were all in perfect harmony. Such a dream.....

Here are some pics from the magazine feature...Enjoy!


The modern chair blends in and yet stands out!


Wooden floors, colours, and intrigue!


The painted wall strikes an amazing contrast


A lovely wall clock that reminds me of the ocean!

Source: Inside Outside Magazine Jan 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Styling Project by the Stylkist Design team

The Stylkist design team recently completed a styling project for a modern flat.

Here are some pictures to share...

The Living Area:

We used a natural green and brown colour scheme for the living and the dining area. We worked with all the existing furniture in the house and accessorized to give it some character.



We custom created some interesting floor cushions and table runners to complete the look.

Seen here are: The Foliage Vase, O cushions, Pebble dish and more from

The Dining Area


We added some elegant colours to liven up the dining to stimulate conversation and fun at the table.

Seen here are Bodhi tree planter and custom green cushions from Stylkist.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was styled with a dreamy and peaceful ambience in mind. We added a fabric art panel, a dreamy silk bed linen set and art to match the decor.


Seen here are the Mustard O linen and Inner Glow Wall Art from

The Guest Bedroom

We kept the guest bedroom simple and yet elegant with a vase, some bed linen and a couple of pieces of art to liven up the room.

bedroom inset


Seen here are the Bamboozle Vase and the Lilies at Dusk paintings from

Have a project that could use the Stylkist touch, contact

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Style Portuguesa - At Cidade Goa

Goa's Cidade Resort is newly roneovated but keeps a lot of its old world Portuguese charm - complete with bright coloured buildings, square windows and Sun roofs and wooden ceilings.

Take a peek!





Chic Furniture....Online!

Sometimes it is very difficult to find good modern furniture. There are a few places where you might find something if you are lucky (@Home is one that comes to mind). Or there are a bunch of places that may or may not be in your price range...(Abaca, GoodEarth, etc)

But the other day, I came across a site that has some simple elegant furniture in classic oak wood. The site and some of its product are quite a treat. What's more is that they deliver all across India. Check out:

The products are reasonably priced (similar to Fabindia):



The Tahoe and the Ice collections were particularly interesting.

Here are a few individual pieces from them:


A cute side-table


Single - book rack

Inliving4-ice console table

A console table

Enjoy and wish you all a very Happy 2009!