Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Stylkist Design Studio

Its been about 4 months since we launched and we have had a great time with it so far. We have grown rapidly, connected with several design enthusiasts and customers around India. We are also now retailing in 4 cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad through premium boutiques in the respective cities. Of course, we have our own studio in Mumbai as well. We finally have some pictures of the place to share. Do pay us a visit if you are around.

Our address: 218, Crystal Plaza, 33rd Road, Bandra W, Mumbai 400050 (Near Croma)

+022 32170059/ +91 9867996218

Open 10am to 7pm Mon - Fri. Weekends - by Appointment

Here are the pictures from the studio!

Stylkist design studio Art&Fabric

upstairs gallery upstairs gallery 3

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mad about Tea, Madder about the Tea Pots

Being both a tea-lover and a lover of tea-pots, the Mad-hatters tea party exhibition ( in Kala Ghoda in Mumbai) was exciting and quite a treat. I noticed the name of one of my favourite ceramists - Adil Writer whose work I have been following for a while. I have always fancied the the classical Japanese style tea pots but I must say after I had not seen as many amazing contemporary, funky-cool tea-pots as I had at this exhibition.




Saturday, November 15, 2008

Northeast Chic?

A recent post from struck a chord....India's Northeast has been rich with bamboo weaves and textile crafts all along and yet today all we hear about is Rattan, Water Hyacinth, etc etc all from South East Asia.

Here is a beautiful Salon in LA by designer Seyie Putsure in LA who brings her influenced from Nagaland into this contemporary salon. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time for a good natured debate!

So, what is contemporary design really? I do believe that they are simpler lines, more fluid designs, less crowded prints, combining a dotted salt shaker with a solid coloured pepper shaker. It is about surprising and delighting the senses with the simplest of shapes. Less crowded and intricate motifs. 
Here are some pieces of decor that I have come across that I thought were super examples of contemporary design:

A simple chest of drawers combined with Ratan type baskets for drawers - an ingenious and simple design from a manufacturer in Rajasthan

Use of simple aluminium containers as wall mounted storage from a design house in the UK

A hand made sugar and creamer set by Whitney Smith in the US
And - here are some pieces of decor we have created as part of our launch collection at

Giving Benarasi silk a comtemporary look.

Quoted Ceramic vase that says quirky can still be gorgeous

A piece of art by Artist Rekha Krishnan that turns the traditional Indian lotus into a contemporary jaw-dropper

So its fairly obvious by now that I am a modernist when it comes to design and decor.

So, we asked Charu Tewari, an Interiors Stylist,  Colour and Décor Consultant as well as a Regional Manager at atmosphere by day, for her thoughts on contemporary:

She believes that Inspite of the fact that minimal and fuss free modern décor has become very popular,Classical and Transistional designs and décor styles are here to stay. The reason according to her is that the  world has a rich historical  past of décor and  design styles. Whether it is Ornate or Gilded frames for mirrors or  Potraits and Art or   decorated niches with  curved  floral  mouldings; and that every classical décor item has a very strong personality.
Here are some examples she shared with us:

A modern set of fully upholstered Stools or Pouf’s with  Classical fabric on them inspired by the european era


Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds are quite contemporary. Designers and Decorators add that Pizzaz and Style by  using fabric with bold motifs from the Classical Era 

Plump  cushions  with Classical motifs in  rectangular Marble seating niches in the wall

So modern and contemporary or classical yet take your pick....As Charu and I take our debate elsewhere.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soaking in Dewigarh

A recent suprise birthday gift put me on a plane to Udaipur and sent me for a weekend with my better half to Devigarh. Inspite of seeing the castle and being struck by its beauty in the movie.Eklavya, I was short of breadth, when I saw it in person. It was so beautiful. It was so much to take in. Many many thoughts rushed to my head as I caught the first glimpse. I tried hard to remember all of them as we walked along. The castle looked like an elegant piece of jewelry - not the garish or the rich colourful kind but rather the quiet, elegant kind. Stunningly intricate and yet so contemporary.

There were arches and there were great views.......

As we entered the room, or the palace suite rather, my eyes were wide open, my jaw dropped and I let out a gasp. The beauty of the traditional meeting the contemporary was like I had never experienced before. There were traditional crafts and artefacts made of local resources placed in contemporary settings. There was the use of stunning red against the stark white walls and upholstery created a dramatic set up.

The only other thing I will add is that I never left the resort for most part of my trip. I tirelessly walked around to every nook and cranny to find surprising little coves of design that existed like these -

Finally, I sign off with cheers (from the devigarh bar) to the Poddars who created this dream as well as the interior designer Rajiv Saini

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ingredients for a Trendy Kitchen

Kitchens are the hardest room to really 'trendify' in my opinion. This is true both in general and specifically in India. Of course, the market is now flooded with modular kitchen units like Veneta Cucina, etc but below are some of the ingredients of a truly trendy kitchen in our opinion -


An elegant basic wood cupboard ordered from a nearby carpenter could make a lovely foundation to the rest of your kitchen. Mix and match an assortment of crockery, glassesss, plants


Straddle the old world and the new with these. Black or white - you can choose between a ast iron black pestle below or a cream ceramic pestle.


Source -



And last but not least - No kitchen is largely complete without a large over-sized salad bowl-



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rosy Reds to Chase the Bluesy Blues

Its raining pretty heavily these days. It can be quite romantic at first but then very soon you end up confined to the office or home. So here are some cherry reds and more to surround yourself with to chase away the blues this monsoon.

Add a dash of Red with cushions and bedding from Eucalyptus Boutique in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

 eucalytus_a dash of red

Merry  Cherries on a long platter anyone? (Source: Verve)

cherry_red_verve_olivebarleatherstoragebox_bungalow eight

A cherry red leather box to store sweet nothings? (Source Bungalow Eight- Mumbai)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cos Kids need chic decor too!

A friend has been thinking about starting her own kids decor and accessories outfit. Admittedly it is a bit hard to find great kids accessories and furniture that combine good design and good quality while making it appealing to kids. Sure, there is Mothercare but for a country with such a vibrant and growing population (and hence many many kids ;-)), sure we should have more choice. In that vein, a bit of searching led me to this cute online store called 'Kids at Home'


Image Source:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of Cherry Blossoms

The Taj Mansingh Hotel in Delhi had a Japanese food festival going on. They left a lovely little card about the festival in the guest rooms. I could not be bothered about the Fancy chef so and so who had come to the Taj for this festival etc but instead I fell in love with the imagery on the card about the festival. So i quickly scanned it to put it down here -

cherry blossoms

Image courtesy: Taj Mansingh Hotel

Thinking of the cherry blossoms, I remembered this painting I once saw on by an artist called Shabnam Mehra called 'Blossom'. I wondered if the artist got a chance to capture this in Japan. Had she made a trip over in perfect timing in April when the weather was crisp and yet with some sunshine in Tokyo. Did she head to the area where you could see the blossoms? If so, I am so terribly jealous!



And check out this wedding center piece inspired by cherry blossoms. I'snt it gorgeous??

cherry_wedding_center peice


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Of Tea and Tea-Pots

A new rage seems to have caught on in Delhi a few months ago - one of tea houses. There aren''t that many contemporary tea houses in Mumbai though....
Imagine all the different kinds of teas there could be and an equal number of chic tea pots. Here are some we found and fell in love with:

A classic Chinese tea pot with a contemporary touch


A lovely meld of colours:

Source: Marsha Dow's pottery

A contemporary design of the classic turkish double decker tea-pot


The Oh-so-lovely Chinese flower tea in full bloom in the elegant glass tea-pot


Last but not the least, a lovely Moroccan tea set to transport you into the cozy Moroccan tea houses around the world (which also server amazing desserts typically:-))

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Smitten by White

White is generally such a frowned upon colour for interiors and decor in India - what with all the dust and heat and a civilization of careless snackers, noisy messy wouldn't last a day right? Moreover, we are a colourful country!!! Who wants boring white....?

Well, I think not. Sure it needs a bit more effort maintaining it but certainly doesnt need to be boring. While suddenly feeling the white urges recently, here are some pictures that provided instant gratification :-)


source: Claridges hotel


source: Sunrise Furniture, Ebay India


White Fabric Coasters

white & colour

Source: Elle Decor