Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green is in

We’ve all done our bit in furthering the ‘green’ cause. We’ve carried bags from home to the supermarket, chucked that plastic bottle in a bin, bought recycled paper, planted a sapling in the neighborhood park. We love all things green and certainly don’t mind that little Bonsai sitting on the ledge of our study window. And trust me, a few more of those indoor plants and your home will be the perfect place to breathe the freshest air. Besides, have you realized how much life and colour it adds to your interiors? See for yourself.

Here are a few stills from Mathanki’s house. This art director from Bangalore certainly has a high green quotient. Check out the plants kept in cozy corners and window sills to delight your soul.

Plant them in bottles, floor pots or dangling ones, they all look as beautiful as this. Money plants are also perhaps, the easiest to maintain too.

A bamboo plant for that oriental touch, or just for luck and harmony. Don’t miss the green wine bottles on the sill.

I have always loved a palm indoors. It gives the room so much character and personality!

These pictures come from a plant lover. Given a choice she’d live in a garden.

A plant for company, while you sip your tea and read

A yellow Chilly plant in a beautiful yellow planter to brighten the sink area.

I told you, a money plant is never one too many for a home.

A touch of green for the washroom.

Feeling fresh already? Bring that little plant in. Plants never go out of style. And while you are planing on bringing the green in this summer, do check out the Bodhi planter cum candle stand from the Stylkist store.

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TheKeyBunch said...

That's a beautiful home - warm, cosy, eco-friendly and comfy, just what a home should be!

Thanks for bringing it to us, Ketchup Girl :)

- Sharon