Monday, March 9, 2009

Neemrana Calling

You've been toiling way too hard at work. You can't bear looking at the cook's food on the table at dinner and the last thing you want to do is look at the unkept bed and your living room which as usual, is in a complete mess. You need a holiday. A holiday where you can pretend to be a queen. Here, look at these pictures and decide if Neemrana Fort Palace is the place for you.

Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar. A 15th century fort restored by the acclaimed interior designer, architect and restorer, Aman Nath.


In an interview I read of Aman Nath in The Hindu, he talks about Neemrana Fort palace architecture, where he says the 15th century rooms were treated in a more Indo-Islamic way and the 19th century rooms more colonial in design.

These pictures come from a budding photographer and travel enthusiast, Arijit Sen.

The Baradari. You could perhaps take your handmade paper notebook and a pen, write
stories of love and betrayal over here in the evening? :-)

I love the way its restored. Colours and contemporary elements added, without disturbing the old world charm, like the stone pillar..




Plan that trip, pack your camera, and take along a book to read on one of their private terraces and get lost.


Rekha said...

Beautiful, sure makes you feel like a queen.

phish phish said...

It is difficult to capture so much of history in few pictures and fewer words...beautifully done! Look forward to more reviews...