Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seven Feet Splendour at a 5-star Spa

We had a super interesting project we worked on recently. A 5-star spa in Chennai inspired and styled in the Bodhi theme. They loved the Stylkist look and we jointly got talking on how we could create interesting looks and products for them. From cushions and candle-stands for the treatment rooms to tea-light holders and vases for the common areas, the spa accessorizing began!
The central space of the spa had a large empty wall and the spa team was keen to have a metal sculpture in place for this. The Stylkist creative team came up with an idea to extend the concept of the Bodhi (peepul) tree and create a large 7 ft sculpture of this. The tree would be wall mounted and fitted with several glass votives to light up with t-lights. Here are some pictures showing the entire process of making this mamoth piece :-)

We started with the leaves

Then came a miniature concept of what we wanted to create - Bonsai Sculpture

The t-lights add to the beauty of the piece

Several issues came up with the larger size through!
Should the foliage be rounded? Symmetry vs assymetry?
Twice the tree had to be re-welded as the branches wouldnt stay up!
Finally we had success!!
A coat of paint and then packaging into a mamoth we go.
Bluedart sure made a ton of money off this one!

The sclupture is now home in the center of the spa and we will update pictures of the spa soon.

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The Ketchup Girl said...

Ohhhh WOW! This ones cool and sounds like a helluva lot of hard work :). Great work! can't wait to see more pictures!! Awesome work! Did u manage to get dicount vouchers of the spa after all this hard work?? :D