Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mad about Tea, Madder about the Tea Pots

Being both a tea-lover and a lover of tea-pots, the Mad-hatters tea party exhibition ( in Kala Ghoda in Mumbai) was exciting and quite a treat. I noticed the name of one of my favourite ceramists - Adil Writer whose work I have been following for a while. I have always fancied the the classical Japanese style tea pots but I must say after I had not seen as many amazing contemporary, funky-cool tea-pots as I had at this exhibition.




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The Ketchup Girl said...

cool stuff. In the suburb i live in, there is a 'tea center' , itis a place u can easily spend hours without knowing u have. They stock some of the most amazing pots frm around the world, and a lot from Japan. I picked up one in red :). Good to know Stylkist's CEO is also a tea-maniac :).