Thursday, February 21, 2008

Smitten by White

White is generally such a frowned upon colour for interiors and decor in India - what with all the dust and heat and a civilization of careless snackers, noisy messy wouldn't last a day right? Moreover, we are a colourful country!!! Who wants boring white....?

Well, I think not. Sure it needs a bit more effort maintaining it but certainly doesnt need to be boring. While suddenly feeling the white urges recently, here are some pictures that provided instant gratification :-)


source: Claridges hotel


source: Sunrise Furniture, Ebay India


White Fabric Coasters

white & colour

Source: Elle Decor


Deepika Giriraju said...

First time at your blog. Amazing very informative :) I am linking you.

StyleAddicts said...

Hi Girija,
Glad you liked the blog and thank for dropping by :-)


evergreen eucalyptus said...

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StyleAddicts said...

Hey, Love the name - Evergreen Eucalyptus and love your site too. I hope to drop by when I am in Hyd sometime. Cheers!