Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Portico's Urban Monk

We noticed Portico India's spectacular collection called the Urban Monk that launched in Lakme Fashion Week a couple of months ago.

For the first time, a brand did so much more than a superficial sponsorship. They actually designed a wonderfully exciting fashion meets home linen collection full of colour, asian influences and rich design. Here are some of the images we gathered. Tell us what you thought.


portico5 portico6


LotusHaus said...

Thanks for your comment on my LotusHaus blog! I am so glad that you did because now I know about Stylkist and it's wonderful! I will be reading it everyday! Especially love this Urban Monk post and will share it with my readers. Thanks Stylkist!

StyleAddicts said...

Hey there, Thanks for dropping. I am glad you like the blog and this post.Cheers!