Saturday, November 10, 2007

Diwali is here ... Time for some contemporary lighting ideas

Diwali has turned out to be delightful. This year was quite the turnaround for Diwali with more people than ever celebrating, lighting lights and lighting fireworks. Every sea-face in Mumbai was dotted with gorgeous rockets in the sky with rich colours and a lovely showery after effect.

Here are some funky and contemporary lighting ideas for the festive season.
1) Glass oil lamps with coloured oils of different density mixed together add a chic splash of colour and light to the home.

Image courtesy: Elle Decor
2) In a real innovation in lighting and candle-making, rocklite candle company makes oil lamps out of real rocks. Oil is poured into holes mde in real rocks and a fiber glass wick is inserted and sealed. No need to fill or change wicks....and yet, what a gorgeous natural look to add to the home.

Image courtesy: Rocklite candle company

3) These wooden tubular candles are to die for......what a unique shape and idea.

images courtesy:


thought said...

hey nice lights. relly liked them .
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Anonymous said...

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Viren said...

First of all Happy Diwali to you and thanks for sharing good information and really nice and eye catching pictures. As every one know that diwali is a major festival of india and all indians are celebrated this festival with great joy and happiness. NRI People also celebrate this festival with great joy doesn't matter that they are not living in india. they online send diwali gifts to india to relatives, family members and near and dear one.

Naomi said...

Those are gorgeous lights! They're incredibly creative and unique- especially the ones that look like rocks! For a collection of similarly unique lights, check out Jovin- their lighting pendants are particularly gorgeous.